Poof.cash: Privacy on Celo

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Introducing Poof.cash

Poof.cash is a protocol for decentralized, private transactions on Celo. Users can deposit funds into Poof and later withdraw them into a different account to obfuscate the transaction record from inspectors. Poof is not owned by anyone, so all deposits that transact through Poof are non-custodial.

Protocol Design

Poof.cash privacy contracts are based off of Tornado.cash’s core contracts. This allows Poof to inherit the audits and battle tests of Tornado’s core privacy modules. We were also able to reuse the Prover and Verifier keys generated from Tornado’s trusted ceremony that received contributions from 1000+ participants. And, since we are starting from scratch, we made some additional improvements:

  • Adding a feeToSetter that can optionally turn on fees (off by default). There is an absolute maximum fee of 0.5% built into the contract.
  • Adding an EncryptedNote event that allows for secure account management.

Open sourced and audited

The contracts and interface code can be reviewed by anyone on Github

Try Poof.cash

Poof.cash is live today!

Join the community

At its core, Poof.cash is a community project. If you’re interested in contributing to Poof or want to just stay up to date, we would encourage you to join our socials:

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